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15 Best HR blogs for 2020

Looking to improve your knowledge of HR or looking for the latest news in the industry? We have ranked the 15 best HR blogs for 2020 so we help you on your research!

Looking to improve your knowledge of HR or looking for the latest news in the industry? We have ranked the 15 best HR blogs for 2020 so we help you on your research!

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Best HR blog for 2020

HR Zone is the best one without a doubt for this year. HRZone features the latest analysis & thought leadership to keep HR professionals up-to-date with industry developments and future trends.

2nd. HR Bartender

Sharly Lauby writes simply and educationally. If you are looking to have a weekly update on HR news and ideas, this is a good place to start.

3rd. Capital H Blog

This blog from Deloitte will give you many insights from the industry. Unfortunately it is very technical and maybe not easy to just get a first understanding of the industry or the function. But it will be a fantastic idea for HR professionals.

4th. HR works

It is actually a HR blog in a podscast format, which is a fantastic feature to use in your daily commuting.

5th. Smart recruiters

Smart recruiters has been around for at least a decade, and they provide fantastic insights on the recruitment industry, so if that is something you are looking for, please follow them as they will bring you fantastic tips to use on your day to day.

6th. Zenefits HR blog.

They not only provide you insights in generic HR, but you will find many tips about Payroll and Compliance. A good place for legal research.

7th. ADP

The blog of this well known HR platform brings you, as the one above, many articles on payroll and compliance that could really help you with some small questions. Have a look in case you are trying to solve questions around these topics.

8th. Engage

This blog is part of Achievers, an engagement focuss service for companies. Their blog only focuss in employee engagement and it has interesting articles that could bring you many ideas to your organisation.


Allison Green is a HR consultant and writes a blog with some advice on how to deal with the workplace issues. Find more on his blog here.

10th. Easy HR blog.

Another blog from a HR system. The good thing of this blogs is that they provide simple and easy tips to follow. This one in particular will give you insights about the more personel aspects of it.

11th. Human Resources today

Human Resources Today, insights your peers are reading. We bring together the best content on HR from the widest variety of industry thought leaders.

12th. Human Engineers

The platform aims to create a powerful community dialogue and a deeper understanding of the People challenges we face. We aggregate, curate, report and give voice to People to spread and increase awareness and engagement around People issues.

13th. Nonprofit HR blog

US’s leading human resources that works exclusively with the nonprofit sector with a focus in HR consulting, talent acquisition, executive search & HR education. A different point of view on the sector.

14th. HR for SMEs

This relatively new blog is focussed on Entrepeneurs. They have simplified the concepts of HR in order to give a good understanding to SME’s owners of the main best practices. A good place to start reading and to help you build your HR department from cero.

15th. Ninja gig Blog

A different and funny blog that talks about HR with a different style. If you are looking for something interesting, just have a look, you will not be able to stop.